We are Euro Fine Foods Ltd and we operate in virtually every continent around the World providing support and advice to other small and large organisations on the importation of food products into the UK and EU.
Consideration must be given to a wide range of issues before a product can be imported into the UK or the EU.
We have the expert knowledge to guide organisations through the process of importing products from ingredients and labeling requirements to transportation and trading standards’ legal requirements.

Through a network of clients and customers Euro Fine Foods Ltd delivers both directly and indirectly to all trade sectors including retail, food service and mail order in the UK, Ireland and Europe from Iceland in the West to Greece in the East.

Euro Fine Foods Ltd is recognised by the Department of Agriculture at the American Embassy in London, The Canadian Embassy High Commission and Australia House as one of the leading authorities on the transition of product from its original to UK an EU acceptable format. Euro Fine Foods can offer the following services ensuring products are acceptable to the UK and EU markets:

  • Managing label conversions on all legal requirements for Trading Standards
  • Customs & Excise requirements related to Tariff codes and Duties
  • Certification requirements for Port Health entry